Sweater dress

Everyone must own at least one sweater dress—they’re perfect for the cold weather and the warmer weather as well! My first sweater dress was purchased over 3 years ago and I knew that I wanted one this year. Luckily enough, Rosegal reached out to me and I finally got mine! You can find the dress here.

I decided to pair my sweater dress with my hunter boots. The boots were a recent purchase and I’m in love! It was a bit cold out, so I decided to wear the warm socks with the boots as well. If it was a warm day, I would most likely style the dress with sneakers or sandals. When I realized that this dress has a hoodie and pockets, I was sold. The best part is that it’s only $20! Rosegal has some gorgeous pieces for a fraction of the cost. Don’t forget to check out their Holiday gift guide.



See some of my other favorite sweater dresses below:




I wore this look to the GenBeauty event in San Francisco and paired the sweater dress with knee high boots.


Thank you Rosegal for sponsoring this post.

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