Organic Shampoo

We all wash our hair, but do we actually look at the ingredients or what we should and shouldn’t be using? My mom is a salon owner and I’ve always used professional brands that she recommends. I feel as if the general population only looks for a shampoo that smells good and visually appealing packaging. Recently I was introduced to a brand called Maple Holistics. Their products are cruelty-free and sulfate free. Don’t know what sulfate free means and why it’s important? Check out this article. I tried the Degrease organic shampoo since I have an oily scalp and love how gentle it was on my scalp.

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5 Tips to Plan a Vacation

It’s almost my birthday and I am SO excited to be planning a vacation with Kamal. Due to his job in law enforcement, it’s quite tough to get days off. We always have to opt for a staycation. He was finally able to get off an entire week and now it’s my job to figure out how to fill up each of those days!

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Back to School Shopping

It’s back to school shopping time! Isn’t it weird when we are in school, we can’t wait to get out and once we’re out, we miss school?! I graduated from university in 2014 and I have missed it so much! I ask myself why I rushed to finish and regret not enjoying the moment. If any of you are still in school, especially K-12 and/or college, take my advice and appreciate where you are in life. My shopping was always done in stores but with online shopping, does anyone go into stores anymore? I put together some of the pieces that I would purchase if I were still in school. I chose student budget friendly pieces that are easy to style as multiple outfits.

Do you guys have any school memories that make you smile? Let me know in the comments!

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Mini Staycation

Hello my loves! If you follow me on Insta, then you probably remember seeing my mini staycation. My significant other Kamal and I ventured out to our favorite brunch spot Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, California before heading into San Francisco. We had found Alice’s restaurant a few months ago while heading to the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. The restaurant is located in the middle of the woods and the delicious food is a plus. The Bay Area is well over populated hence, we find any reason to get away from the hustle of it all.

We stayed at the Loews Regency in SF and watched movies while ordering delectable food from room service. I’m huge on hotels with views and on the top of my priority list while choosing hotels is a room with a gorgeous view. I asked for a room with a view of the Bay Bridge at the Loews. The room had a minuscule view of the Bay Bridge, even from the 38th floor! When the guest attendant told me our room was on the 38th floor, I got excited only to later realize that the 38th floor was the lowest floor at the hotel; bummer! The rest of the building was occupied by other businesses of course. We hoped to spend the night, but Kamal got called into work later in the evening; just when I had jumped into my pajamas. Nonetheless, as long as the staycation lasted, it was enjoyable!

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I dread the “time of the month”. The few days are a drag and all I want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch Netflix. Who’s with me on this one? A brand named ElleBox was kind enough to let me try their subscription box, solely made for the time of the month! It is a neat idea and a wonderful treat to receive. In the box you’ll receive tampons or pads (or a mixture of both) based on your preferences. The best part is that they are 100% organic and 100% safe. Along with the necessities, there are 2 surprise goodies, one edible surprise and tea to calm the storm happening inside of you!

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