5 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom

If I wasn’t doing what I currently do, I would definitely want to be an interior decorator/designer. I spend an immense amount of time looking at home decor photos and learning new tips. My room constantly changes every few months. Once I finish a project, I look for my next one right away! I recently changed my room and I want to share before and after photos but I feel like I won’t ever have an “after” photo since I am constantly changing. Admittingly, I may have a problem. So today I wanted to share some ways to decorate your room!


Lighting is key to setting the mood within a room. I have recess lighting in my room which gets switched on about 5 times per year. The recess lighting is way too much light and it casts a shadow from the top which makes me look scary every time Harleen and I Facetime. The solution to this of course, were string lights! I added string lights around my window and added a small table lamp from Ikea as well.

Image Source: Urban Outfitters


I like to keep my room white and monochromatic while adding pops of color. I’ve gone to Paint Nite three times already and those paintings look perfect in my room! I didn’t want to hang them up so I keep them on the floor and move them around ever so often. There is a painting that I’ve been wanting for a while now by Leonid Afremov to put on top of my bed, but I haven’t made the purchase yet. Maybe this will be the year that it comes!

Image Source: Domino


I really wanted a desk in my room and I just got it a few months ago. Sitting on my bed and working gets tiresome. My room isn’t that big so I needed to find a way to incorporate a desk without taking up too much space. I put a desk from Ikea right next to my bed so that I can utilize my bed as the ‘chair’. Having a desk is perfect because you can use it to put flowers, jewelry, books, and etc.

Image source: Design Sponge


Adding mirrors is a must; especially if you have a small room. My closet has mirrored doors which makes the room look bigger. I purchased a small hanging mirror from Anthropologie that adds some character to the space. If your room is large enough then a wall mirror would be ideal!

Image Source: WithKendra


Everyone needs a rug, period. If you have hardwood floors or tile, then a rug is required but even if you have carpet, like I do, the rug is a great addition. I have a black shag rug in my room which keeps the light colored carpet from getting dirty. My next project is to get the carpet taken out and get hardwood floors put in. *Fingers crossed*

Image source: Urban Outfitters

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