Casual Look: shopping day



Whenever I’m out for a shopping day, I like to wear minimal articles of clothing. I decided on this casual look for my shopping day with Harleen! When I’m in the fitting room and have to remove 10 layers, it’s not fun. I keep it simple, but still cute. A sweater and denim does the trick. I recently purchased this Moth top from Anthropologie with Harleen it’s so comfortable! It has slits on the side that allow for my jeans to peak through. It’s longer in the back so for those of you who like to cover your behind, this is perfect. The material isn’t chunky either, so it could even be worn in the spring perhaps with shorts instead. = ) For my hair, I definitely need the volume, so it’s best to put it up with guaranteed volume through out day even though I’m trying on multiple tops. They were already curly so all I had to do was put them up in a messy bun. Harleen says she likes my hair up anyways so I throw that hairstyle in here and there.

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San Luis Obispo

Did you know that I love to travel? Regardless if I find a new way home or travel to the other side of the world, I love to explore. The hidden gem in the middle of no where: San Luis Obispo. On Valentine’s Day weekend, my ‘big’ and my ‘little’ from Pepperdine met me half way in San Luis Obispo. Before these two gals became my ‘big’ and ‘little’, they were just my friends and even after college, we have so much love for one another. Whenever I drove down to Los Angeles, I would stop in San Luis Obispo for a coffee break and discovered this beautiful city. We stayed in downtown for lunch at Luna Red and then headed towards the country side and found a gorgeous hiking spot! Of course we didn’t hike, we just took pictures = )

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