Makeup Trend

If I had a choice, I would be without makeup 90% of the time; and recently, I have been. After getting my chemical peel treatment, I started to follow a strict skincare routine which did miracles for my skin. I am so much more confident to go out without any makeup on my skin. Now my go-to products include mascara, brow pencil, and a lip product. If I happen to do a full face of makeup, it’ll be for Instagram or a special occasion. I decided to do this look yesterday since I haven’t posted a makeup selfie for a while!

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GenBeauty 2016 San Francisco

Over the weekend, Harleen and I visited GenBeauty 2016 in San Francisco. GenBeauty is a makeup convention hosted by Ipsy. This was our second time attending, but the first time in San Francisco. Last year, we went to GenBeauty in Los Angeles. We wanted to see what was in store this year, so that we can compare it to our previous experience. After visiting two events, I thought I should share my experience. This may be a lengthy post, so please brace yourself!

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5 Lipsticks for Spring


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.02.10 PM

It’s finally March and that means, Spring is near! I decided to get creative and pick 5 lipsticks for Spring that would look definitely make a statement. 4/5 of the colors are hydrating and glossy and one of them is matte for my matte lovers! Here we go (left to right, as pictured above) :

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