How to Stay Motivated

Having your own blog or business can be tough. It’s been slightly over a┬ámonth since I last posted which makes me quite saddened. Every time I sat down to start a blog post, I would feel uninspired. Perhaps it’s the weather, or maybe my day job has been taking a toll on me, but I am in dire need to get back into a set schedule. Below are some tips (in no particular order) that I try to keep me motivated:

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5 Must-haves

Normally I’m not the girl to go shopping. I dread walking around at shops and looking through everything. I can only shop for about 30-40 minutes max before I start getting antsy (thank you to my short attention span). Then there are those moments when I sit down and start looking for a million pieces online and must order something. A few days ago I purchased a few things from Sabo Skirt and today I was going crazy on She In. I’ve put together a few of my favorites just in case you guys need some additions as well:

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Floral maxi

The first day of Autumn has passed and I’m still wearing a floral maxi! The weather is completely unpredictable in California and you never know what to expect. I am eagerly waiting for the rain to come so I can pull out my fall outfits. Pouring rain is my favorite! Of course, I would much rather be snuggled up indoors with a hot cup of coffee, but dressing up and getting outdoors entails its own type of thrill.

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Review: Freeman Facial Clay Mask

I love face masks! I use face masks about once a week to keep my skin healthy and keep my pores small, especially in the summer. I tried out the Freeman Facial Clay Mask and I am absolutely enjoying the results. This mask has Oatmeal and Vitamin E which helps to clean out the clogged pores and leave the skin feeling soft. My skin type is combination so I follow up after the mask with Vitamin E oil in specific areas of my face such as under my eyes and my laugh lines.

The texture of the mask is quite thick, but that doesn’t bother me at all. The scent is refreshing and the mask did not irritate my skin at all. I love using it on a Sunday, after a long week of work and to prepare myself for the week ahead.

Review- Freeman Facial Clay Mask 2

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