Birthday Wishlist

I love October for a few reasons. The rain begins (in California at least), it’s my anniversary month, birthday month, and the holiday season is around the corner. In a previous post, I mentioned that Kamal and I were planning to take a vacation. We finalized on going to Tahoe! I can’t wait to share photos with you guys. Since both my anniversary and birthday fall on October 30, I get 2 gifts! I get to pick at least one gift and Kamal gets to decide the other. Picking a gift seems like a lot of fun but this time, it was so difficult! I feel like the older I get, the harder it’s getting to pick gifts. This year, I didn’t want to choose something random but rather a gift that I truly want and will cherish. I picked a few options for my birthday wishlist. You will have to wait until October 30th to find out what it is!

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