How to create a skincare routine

The skincare industry is enormous and there are heaps of products for us all. While some of us have 50 products, the others may only have moisturizer. I didn’t start taking skin care seriously until about 6 months ago. I started to analyze my skin and realized that I wasn’t happy with the overall complexion. I’m not sure why I waited until 24 years old to start a proper skincare routine. I went in for a chemical peel to clear up my hyperpigmentation around my mouth. (FYI, this was the very first skin appointment in my life.) Along with the chemical peels, I was given a rigorous skincare routine with multiple steps that my esthetician recommended and within 2 months, my skin looked amazing! I was so happy with my skin that I decreased how much makeup I wore on my skin. Rather than covering up marks on my skin with makeup, I wanted to show off my skin, without makeup. I want to share with you guys, a routine that has worked for and may also work for you!

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