Sweater Tank and Circle Scarf


Have you ever had one of those days when it’s cold and hot at the same time? Living in California, I have gotten used to waking up to cold weather and then wearing a tank top during the afternoon because it gets warm. Especially when I’m working, I know I’m going to warm up eventually. This is my first sweater tank (and circle scarf) and I LOVE it. I prefer for my shirts or tops to be without sleeves because it allows me to breath. When styling myself I try to balance it out: if tight on the bottom then loose on the top and vice versa. My True Religion jeans were tight so I wanted a loose top to pair with it. I still felt some chills with the sweater tank so to warm myself up a little more, I added my circle scarf¬†from American Apparel.


I bought this pair of jeans more than 5 years ago because I loved the True Religion logo on the back. During that time, these jeans did not fit me but I wanted them either way hoping that some day they would magically fit. Good thing I believe in magic because now they do! They are skinny jeans from the bottom. They are definitely not my most comfortable pair of jeans, but I don’t mind wearing them for a few hours.


This scarf is extremely long and there are more than 10 ways to wear it. You can scrunch it up and make it shorter or play with it and bring the bottom as low as your waist. If you really want to get creative, try using it as a cardigan. I love the color of the scarf as well because it can go with whites, blacks, brows, blues, greens, and so many other colors.

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