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For the longest time, my laptop has been bare and my iPhone had a black, bulky case on it. It wasn’t cute at all and of course, I had no business adding my phone to my flatlays. I had been looking for a cool, new case for my phone that I could personalize somehow. I also needed something for my laptop so it wouldn’t get scratched, but I didn’t want it to be bulky. Recently, I tried a Swedish based company, CaseApp and I got to try two of their products. I kept my phone simple (with flatlay photos in mind) and I went all out with my laptop skin!

I love beautiful paintings, especially ones that take you to a different world entirely. Leonid Afremov is one of my favorite artists. His work has so much character and life. My room is all white with neutral colors and I’ve been wanting to get one of his large paintings to go above my bed. When I realized that I could customize my laptop skin, I got creative. I found a photo of this painting online and customized my skin, not knowing how it would turn out. When I received the product in the mail, it was absolutely stunning! The resolution and colors are beautiful. Want to make your own? Use the code MEYEUNOIA20 to get 20% off = ) They have many premade designs as well.

Thank you CaseApp for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I love the customized case idea and you picked such a beautiful painting to cover laptop and I love the marble design that you picked for your phone. I always wanted to try these brands but am scared that the phone case isn’t that protective. Can you provide details as to if it is sturdy? I drop my phone a lot and have kids so I definitely need one that can take a punch or two. =) xoxo, Christine

    1. The phone case is sturdy. It’s definitely not an Otterbox but it has a silicone padding on the inside and then the case on top. It fits super snug. Give it a try!

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