Formal Dress

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while which is quite saddening but I have had a lot going on in my professional and personal life. My personal life has been insane with some major changes. Finally, I got time to refresh my mind, sit down and get a post up for you all!

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Workout by the Beach

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, as we make our way into a new week ahead. My significant other and I decided to take a mini-vacation a few weeks ago, which you already know if you’ve been following me on Insta. We headed out to the Pacific coast and had some peaceful time to ourselves; one of those is always needed! Both of us are big on staying fit and active. Regardless if we’re at home or on vacation, we will always find time get a quick workout in. Right when we got to our hotel at the Ritz Carlton, we unpacked and headed to the gym! It was such a beautiful view and I had an amazing workout by the beach. 

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Tea Lover?

Do I have any tea lovers? I’m Indian which means I have grown up with 2-3 cups of masala chai being made in my home every day. Since I grew up in a 100% Indian household, I never realized there were so many different types of flavors and ways to make tea. I have always been used to drinking it with cinnamon, strong tea, sugar and milk. I bring all of the ingredients to a boil and then pour. The idea of the english tea style (or western) was fairly new to me in my teenage years. Western teas tasted like flavored water to me since the process is simply steeping in water and it was never enough caffeine! Then of course, I turned to the king of caffeine, coffee. 

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5 Distressed Jeans

Hey guys! First of all, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post. The month of March was absolutely crazy because of my sister’s wedding. We decided to do a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta and Indian weddings go on for days. I needed to take an entire week off from my day job which meant that I needed to make up for those hours on different days. Nonetheless, I made it through and now it’s time to get back on the blog! I wanted to share with you guys my favorite distressed denim styles.

I’m not a huge fan of denim, but when I do wear them, I almost always prefer distressed jeans. I wanted to share with you guys my favorite distressed denim styles on the blog today.

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Best Sunscreens

Skincare is extremely important to me. I have just started getting monthly facials and taking extra care of my skin in preparation for summer! Sunscreen is crucial for skincare and everyone needs to wear it, especially if you live in a warm region such as California. Sunspots started to appear on my skin in the past few years. Since then, I realized that I needed to get serious! Every 2 years or so, I try to switch up my skincare routine so that my skin doesn’t get used to a specific product. Currently, I am in the process of trying a new sunscreen and thought I should also let you guys know about the best ones on the market!

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