New Years Resolution Ideas

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas was yesterday and 2017 starts tomorrow?! I love Christmas but I’m not a huge fan of New Years. I feel as if New Years resolutions are over promised, but under delivered. Last year, I probably made a New Years resolution and completely forgot about it now. So rather than making a long list of things I ought to be and do, I wanted to simplify the resolution into one word: improve. My New Years resolution will be to continuously improve in all aspects of my life.

Too often we get caught up in a list of things we want to do or change for the new year, but maybe if we take one aspect and focus 100% on that, then it could be a success! The 2 questions that I asked myself when I thought of my resolution was: does it make me happy and will I feel fulfilled if I achieve the resolution? I always strive to improve; whether it’s a blog post, makeup artistry, or something bigger like improving my quality of life. Recently I have tried to improve my sleeping habits. By 11 pm latest, I should be in bed and be awake no later than 7 am. When I compare myself to the person I was in 2016 and the person that I will be in 2017, I want to make sure that I improve.

Here is a list of simple, yet attainable new years resolutions that take on a holistic approach:









Each of these 5 aspects are important and crucial and may perhaps lead to an amazing year! Check out this article from the Wanderlust Worker that talks about improving your life; my personal resolution.

What is your New Years Resolution?

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