Mini Staycation

Hello my loves! If you follow me on Insta, then you probably remember seeing my mini staycation. My significant other Kamal and I ventured out to our favorite brunch spot Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, California before heading into San Francisco. We had found Alice’s restaurant a few months ago while heading to the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. The restaurant is located in the middle of the woods and the delicious food is a plus. The Bay Area is well over populated hence, we find any reason to get away from the hustle of it all.

We stayed at the Loews Regency in SF and watched movies while ordering delectable food from room service. I’m huge on hotels with views and on the top of my priority list while choosing hotels is a room with a gorgeous view. I asked for a room with a view of the Bay Bridge at the Loews. The room had a minuscule view of the Bay Bridge, even from the 38th floor! When the guest attendant told me our room was on the 38th floor, I got excited only to later realize that the 38th floor was the lowest floor at the hotel; bummer! The rest of the building was occupied by other businesses of course. We hoped to spend the night, but Kamal got called into work later in the evening; just when I had jumped into my pajamas. Nonetheless, as long as the staycation lasted, it was enjoyable!

I kept my look quite casual with some pieces that I was dying to wear. My studs are from Blush and Bar. These earrings are quite cute and unique.

The weather is always unpredictable, especially in San Francisco. I opted for a casual cotton dress from H&M. You can find similar ones herehere, here, and here. Over the top, I included a denim jacket if it got a tad chilly.

I paired the look with my gladiator heels from Steve Madden which I love. I also love these and these in taupe.

Did I mention that Alice’s Restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages in addition to mimosas?!

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