How to make your perfume last all day

We all want to smell beautiful everyday but the biggest challenge may be thinking about how to make perfume last all day. I have a few perfumes that I love and change them up day-to-day depending on how I feel. I add perfume to my outfit right before I head out, rather then putting it on after showering. After showering I normally use lotions and body balms (sometimes scented). After doing some research, I found a few ways that work to making your perfume last all day!



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Use a base. Using a base like vaseline or unscented lotion before spraying the perfume will help to lock in the scent. Add a little vaseline/lotion to your wrists, behind your ears, on your neck and then apply the perfume.


Apply it to specific areas. We have all heard to spray perfume on our wrists and neck, but there are additional spots that you need to hit! Make sure to spray the perfume on your wrists, neck, behind your ears, inside of your elbows and behind your knees.


Hair! Who would’ve thought to add some perfume in your hair. You know that time when someone has walked by you and you’re like ‘oh my gosh, what is she wearing’?! Add a slight spritz on the ends of your hair, not to your scalp. Please use this tip in moderation.


Finding a home for the perfume. Many people will leave their perfume in their bathroom. The problem? The bathroom may get warm and humidity will decrease the perfumes potential. Try storing it in your room or a cooler location like your vanity or even your closet.


Tried everything and still doesn’t work? Then maybe you need to switch your perfume. The most common perfumes are alcohol-based. You may want to try oil-based perfumes. Oil-based perfumes are definitely more expensive, but the quality is what you are paying for. Oil-based perfumes last a lot longer then alcohol-based perfumes. The scent in oil-based perfumes is also more pure and fresh since it’s not diluted with alcohol. Think of oil-based perfume as the organic alternative.


Let me know in the comments if any of these tips worked for you!


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