How to Stay Motivated

Having your own blog or business can be tough. It’s been slightly over a month since I last posted which makes me quite saddened. Every time I sat down to start a blog post, I would feel uninspired. Perhaps it’s the weather, or maybe my day job has been taking a toll on me, but I am in dire need to get back into a set schedule. Below are some tips (in no particular order) that I try to keep me motivated:

  1. Create a list of tasks: I’m sure you have heard this multiple times, but doing it correctly is the biggest challenge here. Write down a few things that you truly wish to accomplish in one week. If you force yourself to produce something in one day, the quality may not be as good. So why not give yourself a week to complete a few important tasks. Creating subcategories could also be helpful to ensure you can judge how much time each task will take.
  2. Take a mini staycation: I’m all about mini staycations, like the one here. It’s a mini getaway close to home for the day or for a night (or two). This gets you out of the robotic everyday schedule and sets your mind free. A change of environment always helps me.
  3. Follow like-minded people: This one is my favorite. I have a list of people whose blogs I will visit, videos I will watch, and Instagrams that I will stalk! These people put me in a better mood and motivate me to get up and do something. Check them out here: JuliaKenza, Mimi, Marianna, Jessi, Tamara. There are so many others, but these gals are just a few.
  4. Preplan: We can’t predict when we’re going to feel unmotivated so it’s always best to preplan your posts. I learned this the hard way after not posting for a month = /. Schedule at least 2-3 posts.
  5. Try to be partially present: If you are unmotivated to write an entire blog post, try to post on Instagram which can be quick. This way, you are present in some way and you’re able to retain your followers.

I hope these tips work for you guys. If you have any other tips to stay motivated, comment below and let me know!

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