How to be Happier

Everyone wants to be happy and achieve the utmost state of happiness, but how do we attain it? This topic can be turned into an entire book, but I’m going to keep it short and give you 5 tips on how to be happier. There have been moments in my life when I haven’t felt my very best and I would find new ways to change my mood. Some things worked, while others only made my mood worse. Try these out for yourself and let me know which work for you!

  1. Listen to music. I realized that I love the rain. Listening to the rain simply puts me at ease and I start smiling to myself. Rain is limited in California. I decided to listen to the rain! My favorite soundtracks include rain + piano music. Automatically, I become happier. If you’re curious what I listen to, here it is: Relaxing Thunderstorm and Rain with Music.
  2. Be grateful. Recently I realized that I need to start voicing what I am grateful for. Each morning when I wake up, I text my boyfriend ‘good morning’, I also text him one thing that I’m grateful for and he does the same in return. You can start a journal, or just write it down somewhere. Be sure to think about what you are truly grateful for. One aspect of your life may be faulty, but I’m sure you can find something to appreciate.
  3. Get outdoors. Going on a drive makes me happy. I get in the car without a destination and just drive. Go on a drive with a friend or by yourself. There are areas that I love driving through. This helps me cheer up, change my mood, and discover new places!
  4. Read a blog. Until recently I never used to visit my favorite blogs religiously and read what’s new. There a few blogs that inspire me and make me optimistic about life. Check out StyleLullaby, MyWhiteT, TheBlondeAbroad, GalMeetsGlam. There are many other blogs out there that I love, but these girls definitely cheer me up! Style Lullaby is blog by Sharon and she covers so many topics and goes into depth with each that I’m always eagerly waiting for what’s next.  MyWhiteT is by Jessi who happens to be smiling all the time. She started the Happiest Hour on her blog which always puts me in a better mood. Watch it, you won’t regret it! The Blonde Abroad is by Kiersten who is a world traveler; and since I love traveling she always makes me want to pack my bags and take a spontaneous trip somewhere. Lastly, Gal Meets Glam is by Julia who has the most soothing photos in the most angelic locations.
  5. Exercise. I’m sure you’ve heard this one way too many times, but it’s true. Exercising releases endorphins in our brain which combat stress. There are so many exercising videos on Instagram that everyone can do at home. I have made exercising a habit where I must go at least 4-5 times per week. Those times when I don’t want to go, I ask myself  “don’t you want to look better? don’t you want to feel better? just do at least 30 minutes”.

What are some ways you stay happy? I would love to hear if you have any suggestions that I can try!

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