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I may have been to Universal Studios countless times before, but this time it was different. This time, I solely went for the World of Harry Potter! I am an unconditional fan of Harry Potter and when Kamal and I heard that Harry Potter would be coming to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, we immediately planned a trip. We dedicated a complete day + 3 hours to Universal Studios. Afterwards, we wandered off into Los Angeles for the remainder of our trip. The first day at Universal, the Harry Potter ride was broken (just my luck?), so we went back the second day (thanks to our season passes) and enjoyed the ride 3 consecutive times.




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[one_half_last]Snapchat had the Harry Potter filter for a while and I was in love! It’s gone now but I wish they kept it for longer. The wand is a part of the filter which was pretty cool. The Harry Potter wand at Universal looks exactly the same![/one_half_last]


We stayed at the Hilton Universal which was a convenient walking distance from Universal itself. If it were my choice, I would have chosen a hotel in downtown LA. Kamal had a soft spot for the Hilton since he always stayed there as a child with his family. I didn’t complain—since I am a Hilton Honors member—we got a room on the 24th floor overlooking the highway and rolling hills of Los Angeles!


Butter beer from World of Harry Potter– It’s nonalcoholic and everyone must try it at least once. I wasn’t a huge fan, but Kamal said it was amazing!

Wand from World of Harry Potter – Everyone needs one, right? Before visiting Universal, I told myself that I wouldn’t spend $50 on a wand. The experience and the excitement got the best of me and we walked out with two wands!

Mummy Returns – The thrill of this ride is beyond words. The ride is short but makes you want to keep getting back in line.


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    1. Thank you for stopping by Jasmine! World of Harry Potter is amazing. The one is LA is great, but I definitely want to visit the one in Orlando. I hear that one is bigger and a lot more to discover = )

      – Jasmine K

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