Forest Green Cardigan


Do you ever wake up and feel in the mood to wear something completely left turn from what you’ve been gravitating towards lately? For me I’ve been in cruising through the weeks of summer in beautiful light shades of blush, white, and beige and then a windy day came along and I thought yes! Cardigan time! And I knew exactly which cardigan I would be picking out of my closet that morning – my forest green H&M long cardigan.

I had a long internal dialogue while in H&M when I spotted this cardigan because while it is my absolute favorite shade of green, it is also the height of summer and a long sleeve cardigan is more in tune with colder days. But the greatest perk of this cardigan is how light the fabric is so for those cooler summer days, it’s perfect!


Again, I couldn’t (and still can’t) get past how beautiful this shade of forest green is and it totally stole my heart!

For this outfit I really wanted to let that color be the star of the show so I paired it with a plain black Forever 21 tank (find a similar one here), black Target leggings, and Aldo black heels (similar pair here). With an all black canvas, the forest green draped over creates this beautiful flowy, edgy look.

For a dash of glam and to keep with the forest theme I’m wearing a pair of leaf patterned gold earrings.

This cardigan is no longer available in forest green. If you are in love with the style you can still grab it in grey! If you are obsessed with the color I included two similar options below:


And the winner of the handbag selection was my black H&M crossbody!

It fit in just right with the black, forest green, and gold color palette of the outfit. I removed the straps and carried it by the handle for the day since I was only running a couple errands and didn’t have too much in the bag.

Missed the review of this handbag from a couple weeks back? Catch it here!



And that’s the complete look!

Thumbs up or down for this outfit?

Drop a comment below letting me know!

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