Floral maxi

The first day of Autumn has passed and I’m still wearing a floral maxi! The weather is completely unpredictable in California and you never know what to expect. I am eagerly waiting for the rain to come so I can pull out my fall outfits. Pouring rain is my favorite! Of course, I would much rather be snuggled up indoors with a hot cup of coffee, but dressing up and getting outdoors entails its own type of thrill.


Ever have those moments when you see a piece on the rack and you think ‘eh, terrible’? Well, I thought that at first when I saw this maxi. I’m not the type to stray towards floral prints but I did. You can call me a risk taker; in my opinion, the risk turned out a success! I purchased this dress on a random stroll into Forever21 a few months back. You can find the dress here. Believe it or not, I’m wearing a size large because that’s all they had left in the store. If you’re not a fan of this particular dress, check out similar ones here, here, here, and here.




Lace up sandals like these are one of my obsessions. I love these specific ones because they aren’t too high and standing at 5’7, I don’t need to be much taller. Find my lace up favorites here and here.



I was having a lazy day and didn’t want to use both a¬†curling iron and a straightening iron. Instead, I got creative and straighten the top and curled the bottom, both with a flat iron from Irresistible Me. Harleen also did a review for the flat iron which you can see here. It was super easy and lasted all day in the heat!




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