What does My Eunoia mean?

My Eunoia

(My yoo-noy-ah)

My Beautiful Thinking

Where are you located?

We are both from the Bay Area, California.

How did you start blogging together? 

Jasmine and I have been good friends for about ten years now and we had always dreamed about starting a business together. As the idea for My Eunoia began to come to life about two years ago, we created the blog with the sole motivation of practicing the creative expression of beautiful thinking ourselves. And then we just fell in love! Everything about the blogging platform inspires and motivates us to challenge ourselves and do our best to make our vision of My Eunoia come to life.

Is your content sponsored?

Every post on My Eunoia is an authentic representation of us. There will never be a time where content is featured that we do not 100% stand by. We enjoy exploring and developing new, exciting content for our readers that we genuinely love ourselves. We are
fortunate enough to work with affiliate programs that help us provide our readers with easy access to the items featured in a post.