Have you guys heard about Ellie? When I come to know about subscriptions, I always have to look into them. I feel like there is a subscription for everything; and for good reason. What’s more convenient than having a box (which feels like a monthly present), being shipped to your home for a small fee? I get tired of going into stores and trying on multiple clothes and with my work schedule, shopping becomes a hassle at times. I want to share with you all, a new workout subscription that I’ve been trying and I’m in love! I wanted to try it out for a few months before I shared with you guys. As each month goes on, I get more and more excited about what’s to come next!

Each month Ellie sends a large box of 5 workout products from hair ties, water bottles, hats, waistbands, etc. One complete workout outfit is guaranteed with a top, sports bra and leggings. They have some of the cutest prints. I get super excited to go to the gym and show off my new outfits. If you don’t like what’s in a box for a specific month, it makes a perfect birthday gift for someone! Have you heard the saying, “if you look good, you feel good?” Well, I’ve noticed that if I look good going to the gym, I feel better and end up having a better workout. Try it out for yourself!

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I would love to know if you guys recommend any other awesome subscriptions. Please share below!

Thank you for Ellie for sponsoring this post.

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