I dread the “time of the month”. The few days are a drag and all I want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch Netflix. Who’s with me on this one? A brand named ElleBox was kind enough to let me try their subscription box, solely made for the time of the month! It is a neat idea and a wonderful treat to receive. In the box you’ll receive tampons or pads (or a mixture of both) based on your preferences. The best part is that they are 100% organic and 100% safe. Along with the necessities, there are 2 surprise goodies, one edible surprise and tea to calm the storm happening inside of you!

In my box I reserved sea salt caramel popcorn (yum!), daytime face serum, dry shampoo and rishi tea. The box is only $35 per month. You can use the code¬†EUNOIA15 for your first box! I’m a huge fan of caramel popcorn, they are slightly addicting therefore I always have to set boundaries for myself. Let me know below if you gals decide to try them out!


Thank you ElleBox for sponsoring this post.

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