DIY: Depotting Eyeshadows

After a while of collecting shadows and eventually having tons; there had to be a storage solution. Some of the MAC eyeshadows only come in the containers. Depotting eyeshadow has made my life so much simpler. I’m able to get a magnetic eyeshadow case from MAC or Z Palette and then depot the shadows to create my own palettes! Here it goes:

I use a blade to pop up the top plate of the shadow. Be very careful not to cut yourself and not to mess up the shadow. Some of my shadows have been ruined because my blade ends up taking a chunk out.


Taking out the plate takes some pressure, but it comes out eventually!

Use a straightener and place the plate on the flat iron for about 10-15 seconds.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 2

DIY- Depotting Shadows 3

DIY- Depotting Shadows 5

DIY- Depotting Shadows 6


Take off the plate carefully because it gets very hot. The metal part is hotter than the plastic container. Use the blade or knife and start lifting the shadow from the corners. If it doesn’t slip out easily, then place it back on the flat iron. Once you take out the metal container, place it aside to cool off.


Place the main container for about 5-10 seconds.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 7

The back sticker should start lifting and gently peel it off.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 8

Take a magnetic sheet and place the sticker on it. We will be cutting around the sticker.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 9

The sticker should be firmly pressed down and as thin as possible.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 10

Place the sticker on the back of the metal container and you’re done! Now you can place this in the magnetic palette.

DIY- Depotting Shadows 11

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