Desio Lens Review: Caramel Brown

Contacts are definitely the newest trend on social media-especially Instagram. I have worn colored contacts since I was 18 years old. I only wear the contacts if I’m doing a make up look or for special occasions. I’ve worn various brands before but I must say Desio Lens has been the most comfortable. These lenses came with their own contact lens case which was awesome! I gravitate towards hazel colors so I tried the Caramel Brown lenses, but they have more than 7 other colors. Wearing the lenses at first may irritate your eyes a little bit, but eventually your eyes will settle down and they will feel comfortable.

Desio Lens

A few things I learned about wearing contact lenses:

  1. If the lenses are moving when you blink that usually means you have to take it out, flip it over to the other side and put it back in. This has happened to me so many times and I never realized what the issue was until recently I diagnosed the problem and found that switching the sides helped.
  2. If it’s your first time wearing contacts, try to put your chin down and look up in the mirror. While looking up, pull the lower eye area down with your ring finger and place the contact lens on the bottom of your eye ball with your middle finger. Once you’ve placed the contact lens on the bottom near your waterline area, blink and it will eventually fall into place.
  3. If there is something irritating your contact lens, take it out and clean both side with solution. Sometimes there is lint or mascara particles that cling on to the lens.

The only downside to these lenses, which is my opinion of course, is that there are dark lines through the lens. Some people may love this, but personally I think it makes the lenses appear fake. Solotica lenses seem to look the most natural, but they typically cost $60+. I would prefer lenses that are mostly colored and do not have lines in the middle or around the circumference. If anyone happens to find more natural lenses with a reasonable price, please comment below and let me know!

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