Hey ya’ll! Hope everyone had a great weekend. It’s been quite warm in the Bay Area; in the upper 90’s and I decided to stay indoors most of my weekend. Going outside to get food wasn’t on my list either. I love cooking and all, but I’m not one of those people who can’t make a meal in 1 hour. If I make something, it has to be a full blown dish with proper presentation and the whole nine yards. So, whenever I decide to cook, I make sure to take out 2-3 hours. It would be wonderful to have that kind of time more often but with my busy schedule, I end up ordering out mostly. Recently I tried Freshly, and it is the easiest service for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook and is racking up on Door Dash bills, like me. = / I have tried other meal services where they send you groceries and you get to cook the meal yourself, but I wasn’t a fan of the overall taste. The best part, each meal is about 500 calories or less. If you’d like to try 6 meals, use the code nocook639 to get $20 off!

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Booties for Winter

You can’t get through the winter without booties. I’m not a huge fan of boots, but I love booties. It’s my belief that every girl needs to own a pair of booties in every color. I have an obsession for nude colored booties and I’ve recently added another pair! I was sent these Taupe Suede Booties for winter which are currently trending ever since Kanye came out with his own booties. Kylie Jenner wears similar booties as well! The reason why I love nude tones is because I can pair them with almost anything. Who agrees with me?!

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GenBeauty 2016 San Francisco

Over the weekend, Harleen and I visited GenBeauty 2016 in San Francisco. GenBeauty is a makeup convention hosted by Ipsy. This was our second time attending, but the first time in San Francisco. Last year, we went to GenBeauty in Los Angeles. We wanted to see what was in store this year, so that we can compare it to our previous experience. After visiting two events, I thought I should share my experience. This may be a lengthy post, so please brace yourself!

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Southern California Trip

During the weekend of February 5th I took a 4-day mini vacation with my boyfriend, Kamal. I was crazy booked with brides for Valentine’s day so we thought it would be a great idea to take a break a weekend in advance. We drove 8 hours to San Diego to visit cousins and then came up to LA for one day. I also got a chance to catch up with my Malibu girls and grab brunch with them!

Travel- Southern California 8 Travel- Southern California 5 Travel- Southern California 6 Travel- Southern California 4
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San Diego was all in all a blast! I loved spending time with cousins and seeing their new home which is super gorgeous. What I loved most about going to San Diego was finally being able to spend time with Kamal’s cousins and getting to know them better. We had delicious food everyday except for one night when we ended up going to a Mexican drive thru and the food was well below par. We told ourselves that we would never go there again!


Kamal and I stayed the Westin Bonaventure hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. We took a day to simply relax and watch movies. I have this odd infatuation with staying in hotel rooms only if they have a view. If you look close enough on the first picture, the white blur on the hill is actually the Hollywood sign!

Travel- Southern California 10 Travel- Southern California 9
I also got brunch with my girls Arpa and Alex from Pepperdine! Arpa is my little and Alex is my big within Delta Sigma Pi which is a professional business fraternity.

Travel- Southern California 11



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