Best Sunscreens

Skincare is extremely important to me. I have just started getting monthly facials and taking extra care of my skin in preparation for summer! Sunscreen is crucial for skincare and everyone needs to wear it, especially if you live in a warm region such as California. Sunspots started to appear on my skin in the past few years. Since then, I realized that I needed to get serious! Every 2 years or so, I try to switch up my skincare routine so that my skin doesn’t get used to a specific product. Currently, I am in the process of trying a new sunscreen and thought I should also let you guys know about the best ones on the market!

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On Instagram

I took a few days off from any work and I still feel like I don’t need to be doing any work. But those who know me best know that I’m addicted to working! I had to plan my sister’s bridal shower this weekend and execute the event on Sunday. It was slightly stressful because I always want everything to be perfect, but it turned out to be amazing! I will be sharing some photos on my Instagram soon. Speaking of Instagram, I also wanted to update you guys on my recent posts. This first photo I posted on Valentine’s Day. My cousin took this photo of my significant other and I while we were walking to Disneyland!

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Valentine’s Day Makeup

It’s finally the end of a long, yet productive week. I will definitely consider this week to be productive because I got to sit down and film a Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial! I hadn’t gotten a chance to film a video in a while since my schedule was crazy hectic, but I hope I can film at least 3 per month. Honestly, filing and editing YouTube videos is a LOT of work. Who can agree? Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial. I kept it simple and classic, with a pop of a pink lip. Let me know if there are any other looks that you’d like me to create and please share and subscribe!! Have a great weekend!

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Tumblr Top 10

This will be 2016’s last Tumblr Top 10 with 2017 is right around the corner. It is so mind blowing to me how quickly time has flown by. There is this sense of anticipation for the coming year and I can’t wait to see what is in store. Cheers to an inspiration filled Friday!

Head to the My Eunoia Tumblr and click follow for more!

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Red Lip Makeup

Red lips look absolutely stunning if paired with the correct eye makeup. During the Holidays, red lips always make me think of Christmas and if you’re not into the dramatic eye makeup looks that are on Instagram, a red lip is the way to go! Here I created a red lip makeup look that’s quite easy! 

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