Casual Neutrals

As I got out of the car, I couldn’t help take a moment to soak in the wonderful cool morning air of downtown San Jose. It was an ideal time for shooting and I had come prepared with my two photo shoot essentials – my Canon and my coffee. A dear friend of mine had asked me to take her graduation photographs and I happily accepted! Our destination was San Pedro Square market (one of my favorite places in downtown).

We took advantage of the beautifully decorated outdoor seating area of San Pedro, where there are many wooden tables and string lights hanging across the trees. And then came the moment where the photographer suddenly became the photographee!

My aim for my outfit that day was all about comfort and having the freedom of movement. I was in a neutral color mood as well and ended up with beige, army green, and dark brown – I had a total safari vibe going on.

One of the softest materials, this Anthropologie long top is a beautiful neutral beige color and fits comfortably. It is light enough for a warm day and can be paired with a scarf (like I did here) for cooler weather. The bonus of this particular scarf (which is from Cotton on) is the unique army green color. It’s a very light shade of army green and really popped against the beige. Finishing the outfit, of course I had to have my H&M leggings! The very definition of comfort is leggings for me. Along with my Aeropostle dark brown booties and Nordstrom Rack hat, we have aΒ complete casual neutral outfit!

(Some of the items in this outfit are no longer available, so I linked similar items!)


That day was filled with so many laughs! One of the best aspects of photography – capturing a genuine emotion through the lens of a camera. I will always look back on these pictures and smile remembering all the silly moments, the bursts of excitement over a photo concept, and the content feeling of being in good company.



My only accessory for the day was my Coach crossbody that duped as my camera bag. I was able to carry my canon, an extra lens, wallet, glasses, and a few other essentials all comfortably in this bag!


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