Calistoga Getaway

Kamal and I love to go on mini vacations. We both work a ton and sometimes it gets tough to hang out and plan activities together. The best way for us to enjoy our time together is by taking short vacations. This past week, we planned a mini Calistoga getaway. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already gotten a sneak peek of the trip.

Calistoga is a beautiful town nestled north of the famous Napa Valley. We stayed at the Indian Springs Resort. I had a bride over the summer in Napa and she had booked me for 3 nights at the Indian Springs Resort. Now, I’m the type of gal who loves to stay at hotels that over look the city and room service is a must. Although the resort doesn’t have a city view, nor the room service, it was an unforgettable experience. So much so, that Kamal bragged about it to his friends and now they are also planning a trip! Indian Springs Resort is known for their mineral pool. The Olympic-sized pool was built in 1913 (right before Titanic, to put things into perspective), and it felt heavenly. You have to experience it to know what I mean.


I wore a recently added piece to my closet which you can find here and a similar one here. I wanted to wear something that was flowy, simple and unique. Dresses with pockets are popular in my wardrobe, so this one was a must-have. The dress was my statement piece and I added my favorite madewell sandals. Madewell is one of my favorite brands ever! If I had my own line of clothing/shoes, it would look like Madewell merchandise. The tote is also from my love Madewell

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A huge reason why I wanted to go back to Indian Springs was because they have bikes! I never learned how to ride a back and the last time that I visited Indian Springs, the bikes had brakes on the handles and I was able to ride it for a short distance. Since the last time, they changed their bikes to ones with different brakes and I can no longer ride them. #seriousproblem


We arrived early so we could explore Calistoga before checking in. Kamal found this gem of a placed called Calistoga Inn. We ended up at the bar to have a glass of wine. 3 hours later, we had made new friends who owned a winery in Yountville. It was such an amazing experience, meeting another couple who appreciate and enjoy life just as much as we do.


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My favorite photo: full of comfort and peace.

What are some places you guys would recommend that Kamal and I check out next?

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