Bohemian Chic

I have a love-hate relationship with the sun. I love it because I can get creative with my wardrobe and pull out the dresses/skirts, but then my make up starts melting and I try to get under the air conditioner. Whenever I choose an outfit, I look outside or check the weather online and then mixing and matching. A little late for Coachella, but once I put this outfit together I felt like I needed to take a trip to the dessert. This bohemian chic dress I bought a few months ago and never got to wear it since the weather didn’t want to cooperate. (P.S. Dress is on sale now. Click the widget below) I wore this dress about 2 weeks ago and it was warmer here in California at the time. It’s called a winter dress, but let’s be honest there is nothing winter about it! Add some heels to make it a formal look or keep the booties for a casual look.






I thought this dress had a super bohemian feel to it so I added a sweater vest to complete the look. The tassels at the bottom are my favorite! To finish the look, I wore my suede Sam Edelman booties.

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