Birthday Wishlist

I love October for a few reasons. The rain begins (in California at least), it’s my birthday month, and the holiday season is around the corner.  This year, I didn’t want to choose something random but rather a gift that I truly want and will cherish. I picked a few options for my birthday wishlist. You will have to wait until October 30th to find out what it is!

1) Google Home, $129

I love having some sort of music in my room at all times. When I’m working, I listen to soothing music and when I’m getting ready, I’ll put on pop or country. The best part with a Google Home is that you can speak to it and it puts anything on and is voice activated for other cool features as well.

2) Wool/Shag Rug, $169

Who doesn’t need a shag/wool rug in their room?! Need I say more?

3) Leonid Afremov Painting, $250

I love decorating and my room never stays the same for more than 6 months. I painted my walls white and realized that I was missing some color. To add some color, what could be better than a Leonid Afremov painting? I can stare at his paintings all day and be left in awe.

4) Away Luggage, $225

I came across the Away Luggage collection and fell in love with the design and functionality. This is definitely on my list!

5) GRLFRND Jean, $210

For some time now I have been wanting to try GRLFRND jeans but have not gotten any yet. I would love to add one of these to my collection.

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  1. What an exciting month for you! I love getting presents and actually create my own wish list too so I get exactly what I want. I have an Away luggage and it has been traveling with me everywhere. I love the sleek style and the hard shell cover plus it has a charger! I also love Grlfrnd jeans. They remind me of Levi’s but a little more trendy. Have a great month and a fab time in Tahoe! xoxo, Christine

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