5 Tips to Plan a Vacation

Vacations are always fun, but planning them can be tricky. Here are my 5 tips to plan a vacation:

Figure out how long your trip will be, then decide where you want to go. This seems simple, yet could be complex. I only have 6 days, so I had to keep the duration in mind. Since I don’t mind relaxing at the hotel for a day or two, I didn’t require a location with multiple activities. Currently, on the list I have: Vancouver, Washington State, Oregon, or Lake Tahoe.

Budget. Once you figure out how long and where you want to go, you’ll want to figure out your budget. Are you the type who wants to spend more on activities rather than the hotel, someone who wants to spend more on the hotel rather than activities, or spend about the same on both. If you have a concrete budget, make sure to do the calculations for food, accommodation, flight/car, and etcetera beforehand. Always round up when estimating expenditures.

Accommodation. Hotels can range from $40-$500+. Are you the type who doesn’t mind staying anywhere as long as there is a bed, restroom, and the necessities? Are you the type who prefers luxury accommodation? Interior decor and beautiful spaces make me the happiest and a luxury hotel is a must for me. If anyone else books my hotels for me, I get serious anxiety not knowing where I will be staying. Be sure to research the hotels in the area. If you’re a member with Starwood Hotels, Hilton Honors, or any of the others, look on their website for hotels in that area!

How to get there. If you’re going far, it’s a no brainer to fly. Unless you’re like DJ Khaled and are terrified of flying, then you may want to figure out an extensive driving plan. Driving can be a lot of fun and I truly enjoy it. You get to see things on a drive that you wouldn’t normally while flying and who knows what amazing places you may discover!

Packing. Now the fun part! If you’re a blogger, you want to make sure to take cute pieces along for photos. Be sure to check the weather first either on weather.com or accuweather.com. Always try to think of pieces that can be doubled; for instance, a bodysuit that can also be a swimsuit. Check out what Aimee from Song of Style suggests to pack!


Do you guys have any other tips? Comment below and let me know!



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  1. Great advice babe! I am like you, I love some relaxation time doing nothing and my boyfriend is a activity everyday kind of guy haha. So a balance of both is always good. Hope you have an amazing vacay!
    xx Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

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