3 Outfits for Summer

The weather is warm and I would hate to have a repetitive fashion sense during this time of the year! We all need some inspiration when it comes to outfits for summer, so here they are. I decided to feature my three favorite amazing fashion bloggers: Sazan, Aimee, and Kenza. These ladies are very creative with their fashion sense and each outfit is carefully put together and styled.

3 Outfits for Summer 1

Sazan Barzani: Sazan is my type of girl. She is bubbly, energetic and playful and these characteristics are present in her outfits. Statement pieces are a must; throw in some neutrals and you’re good to go!

3 Outfits for Summer 2


Aimee Song: Aimee is the New York Fashion Week type of gal. She mixes up her styles, eras, prints, and colors! It almost seems like each piece of her outfit is taken from an art exhibit and put together. Her outfits are definitely interesting and eye-catching.

3 Outfits for Summer 3


Kenza Zouiten: Kenza is sophisticated and bold. She is definitely model material and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her outfits on display at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.
Which one is your favorite?!

3 Outfits for Summer 4



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